Tuesday, August 30, 2011

15 Days Through My Interface

Well, I'm starting to get back into writing again, so the blog is a good way to stay sharp. World of Saz posted a blogging challenge a few months ago, and I think it's a good way to get things rolling. It consists of using screenshots to show certain aspects of your character. I'll focus on Dämmerung first, and if it works well, I might revisit some of the more entertaining topics for my other characters.

1. Favorite Hangout.

This is where Dämmer logs out each night. While I'm not really that big on the whole in game RP thing, I do have a spot where each of my characters log out. For Dämmer, it's perched on the back of a mount, in between the spires of the Stormwind Cathedral. When he was leveling, the Zombie Invasion prior to Wrath struck, making moving through major cities hellish for lower level characters. Several players at the then level cap of 70, sealed off the Cathedral, and made it a sanctuary for players who needed respite from the onslaught. Dämmer now holds his turn at the guard, in the event that something tries to violate the sanctity of the city again.

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