Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Hate Rogue Loot.


In a guild with no rogues, there are only 391 Agility Daggers...

And cloth, for the mages to fight over. Still a dissapointing lack of tanking gear for me in firelands.

Dropping heroic Shannox only took about 4 pulls today, as opposed to the hour and a half of brutal wipes on Wednesday. Part of that was because we had an actual plan today, we weren't just trying to wing it. That's entirely my fault, as raid leader I should have been far more analytical than I was. Part of it stems from missing every progression fight in normal mode Firelands with the exception of Rag due to my military training. Having pretty much the whole instance spoon fed to me probably set me back weeks in terms of my knowledge and acumen in the instance. It's a mistake that I will rectify for future encounters.

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  1. You must be pleased by the rumoured Rogue Legendary then in p4.3.