Thursday, September 1, 2011

15 Days Through My Interface: Day 2

Ok, we're on to day 2. The subject is player housing. I'm not really a fan of trying to cram into some space to make it a character's home. There's not enough housing present in game to house all the NPCs, much less the millions of players. But the assignment is to find a home for Dämmer, so I did.

Dämmer spends his resting moments in the Cathedral of Light, studying with, and teaching, his fellow Paladins. Since returning from the war in Northrend, and witnessing Deathwing's assault on Stormwind, he's realized that the odds of him being able to live his life in peace is becoming an increasingly slim chance. So he spends his free time preparing the next generation to defend themselves, demonstrating which of the three lungs of an abomination is vital, what frequency of light is needed to disrupt an elemental's hold on the material plane, or the best angle to hold one's shield to deflect the Black Dragonflight's shadowflame breaths, and how to swing the hammer so as to render an attacking orc into a dazed target. He lives with the expectation that his teachings will one day save the lives of some of his proteges. He lives in hope that his techniques will die with him.

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