Monday, November 14, 2011

Through My Interface: Day 8

The next topic is Vacation Spots, this is another one of those kind of meta topics where the answer is not from a character's perspective, but the players. To be perfectly honest, it's kinda a placeholder because the next one is the one that really caught my attention. But that one's gonna have to wait for a while.
For me, personally, I'm a tropical person. It's the consequence of my Brazillian heritage. I'm a beast who thrives in the heat and humidity. At times I feel utterly out of place in the constant drizzle here in the Northwest. But at the same time, I'm much more urban than rural. I love being in the city, and all the opportunities it affords. I loved it when I lived in New Orleans, and I prefer to go to Seattle than stay on the Peninsula. So for me, the perfect place to vacation would be the Cape of Stranglethorn Vale. Beautiful beaches, beautiful weather, and a city right nearby. I always preferred Oahu to Maui for that exact reason. Maui might have the best snorkeling and hiking, but you just can't beat going from Waikiki to the heart of Honolulu in 15 minutes.

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