Monday, November 16, 2009

What's in a Name?

Gravity, of Pwnwear, asked his readers what was the name of their characters, and why did they choose that name. I've only got two relevant characters, my Paladin, and my DK.

Dämmerung is my first character ever, and my main character. Prot spec since day one. His name is German, it means Twilight. I pulled the name from the fourth act of Richard Wagner's epic 15 hour opera Der Ring des Nibelungen, Götterdämmerung. One of the reasons I choose the name was the duality of it. In addition to twilight, Dämmerung is also the german word for dawn. The beginning and the end, just as the tank is the first one in the fight, and the last one to leave. That, and I kind of hear Ride of the Valkyries playing in my head whenever I pull. One of the fortuitous things about my choice of name and class is that most of the endgame titles suit it very well, Of the Nightfall, Starcaller, Argent Defender, Crusader, Argent Champion, Wrath is a good time to be a paladin with a name related to the night sky.

Czernobög started out as my token DK, because well, everyone has a token DK. He's evolved from a glorified bank alt, into an unstoppable blood spec killing machine, and a comical unholy tank for the occasional heroic on the side. The name is derived from a character in Neil Gaiman's novel, American Gods. In it, Czernobog was the Slavic deity of blood, darkness, and winter. Blood, Unholy, and Frost, the parallels seemed obvious. I threw in a gratuitous umlaut, as I do in most of my character names, in order to throw off the annoying gold spam and phishing whispers that plague my server.


  1. Cool names! Czernobog somehow sounded like "cyber noob" in my head :)

  2. And if you took a close look at the spec I use to tank on him, you might find the image to be very apt.

    The nice thing about having an alt to supplement your main is that you get to try all those cool things that no serious raider of that class would try because, despite being really cool, they're terrible ideas.

    The nicer thing than that, is having guild members who are willing to accomodate those stupid ideas in heroics. The idea of an unholy DK tanking with a ghoul by his side is interesting, and I took it a step further. I've had my ghoul occaisionally tank a few bosses by himself.

    Of course, if Czern were ever needed to tank any raids, I'd respec him to something viable, but for heroics, fun reigns supreme at this point.