Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh, those crazy healers...

I read some general paladin-type blogs. I try to stick to fellow tanks, such as Righteous Defense and Honor's Code. But sometimes, I wander over to some excellent sites by other specs. One site I found particularly useful was Paladin Schmaladin, run by a Holy Paladin named Ferraro. It's an excellent resource for healers, and I used it often to kind of get a feel for how the healers would need to handle things on the bosses we hit in Ulduar. My guild has a bit of a surplus of Holy Paladins. That and trees, WTB resto shammy. That's the healer part of this post, now for the crazy.

Apparently, Ferraro isn't quite who she claimed to be. In a recent post, she explained that Ferraro was not a single person, but rather seven different paladins, who passed the Ferraro name down through the ages to ensure excellent Paladin Posting. The only issue was that instead of a stupid pseudonym like "Alan Smithee", "Ferraro" was a complex mask that used the face and pictures of another blogger named Sarah Townsend, and attractive young women who's big in the tech scene. This was unnecessary, and in the case of some posts, nearly plagiarism. Fortunately, since the bubble burst, all of the non wow posts, and all pictures of the lovely Ms. Townsend have been removed from the site.

Personally, I hope that the current "Ferraro" continues posting, as the wow related information was very good. However, I'm glad that the whole Sarah Townsend mess got exposed, because that sort of thing is unnacceptable in the blogging community. If you want anonymity, you don't need to work at it, the internet gives it to you.

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