Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kif, We Have a Conundrum!

Well, hot on the heels of the drama bomb that went off and turned Mean Machine into a smoking crater, I've hit the recruiting trail. The first thing I did was ask a few people I pugged with, well, the competent people, if their guilds raided, and if they had any openings. Most of the 25 man raid guilds on Destromath operate on a website application process. I checked out a bunch, and sent applications to a few, then scanned /2. Spending that much time in trade chat was not healthy. I found a new raiding guild, called Lëgacy. It's run by a pretty chill Resto Druid. When I say new, I mean brand new. Given the failures of the previous two guilds, stability is something that I value, and I'm not sure where Lëgacy falls in that regard. Meanwhile, I have an application being processed with a guild called Degenerates. They're a fairly large guild, and have multiple naxx runs. They also raid on weekday nights, which is a plus for me because it doesn't interfere with my National Guard commitment, unlike Lëgacy's Friday-Saturday raid schedule. I hopped on with Lëgacy for this lockout period, to check out their guild.

That night, they had an undying attempt scheduled. Since I was the best geared tank they had access to at the moment, I offered my services. We stormed into naxx, and cleared it in about 3 hours. We hit the plague wing first, and lost our shot at the undying when the GM ran to the platform a burst early with Heigan at 2%. We decided to convert the run into an achievement run, so we burned through the spider wing and got Arachniphobia. We pushed through the military ward, and tried something experimental on Gothik. We left the whole raid on live side, and just AOE'd deadside when the gates opened. It worked. We didn't have the group makeup to try and drop the 4 horsemen at the same time. We downed Patchwerk in 3:15, and only had one person cross charges on Thaddius. The Skull of Ruin, one of the few items I could actually use dropped on Grob, and I rolled a 1 on it, so enjoy it OT. In short, this guild is really close. Then we got out to Sapphiron and took home the One Hundred Club achievement, and went to KT and grabbed Just Can't Get Enough. The OT seemed to have some trouble spotting the void zones when he grabbed the Guardians. He died on both attempts, the first time wiping the raid, the second time requiring me to grab one while a DK grabbed another. I got a Crown of the Lost Conqueror, which I'm now too poor to enchant and gem at the moment.

Later on that night, I get a whisper from the GM. He asks me what I think of the guild, and if I plan on staying. I mentioned that I still had an application with Degenerates out, but I'd make my decision at the end of the lockout period. He then offered me a position as Raid Leader, and garunteed me a chance at getting into Ulduar. I'm confident that if I get into Degenerates, I'd get my way into the Ulduar raids very quickly, maybe not as an MT, but certainly as an OT. But going in as a raid leader simply won't happen with them. It's kinda like having a chance to come in as a partner in a start up, or coming in as middle management at Microsoft. You aren't quite sure what you're gonna get with the prior, but the sky's the limit.

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