Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We are the Children of Wrath

We are not BC Babies. We are not Vanilla Veterans. We are the Children of Wrath. Azeroth is new to us. We will never know a time where Molten Core takes 40 people to run. We will never know a time where Naxxramas is floating over Eastern Plaugelands. We do not shudder at the thought of corrupted blood. We never fought alongside Saurfang and the Might of Kalimdor. We didn't have to get over the Karazhan hump. The black dragon we slay is Sartharion, not Nefarian. We will never know a day without death knights.

I started playing World of Warcraft in late September of 2008. It was about 6 weeks before the release of Wrath of the Lich King. My main is a human protection paladin named Dämmerung on the Destromath server. I was level 28 when the zombie infestation began. It sucked to level through that. I hit Outland shortly after Wrath dropped. Hellfire Penninsula was like something out of Mad Max. Death Knights roamed in packs, ganking anything that stood still long enough. You haven't been ganked until you've been jumped by four DKs, and spent more time flying through the air in death's grip than being hit. I dinged 68 in a black morass run, and went straight to Northrend. Seriously, I was on the boat to the Borean Tundra before most of the group managed to corpse release from Aeonus. I'll get around to finishing that run at some point. I rolled around Northrend, and dinged 80 in Zul'Drak on January 8th. I've been grinding heroics since, and am currently making my first steps into the raiding scene.

I've missed a lot of things. Some of them were worthwhile, some of them were not. (Non stacking clams? How did you people live back then?) I decided to fire up this blog because blogging lends itself well to the nature of the WoW community, but WoW posts would seem a little out of place in my more mainstream blog.

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