Thursday, December 29, 2011

Everything I Need to Know About Playing My Shaman, I Learned From Thrall.

Stand in all the Ice Tombs!

Pop Bloodlust 55 seconds into a one minute encounter.

Mounts are for chumps, real Shaman use Ghost Wolf.

AFK until the tank notices you.

One handed strength mace? Ele weapon!

Wear all the cloth!

"Lok'tar, Friend!" is orcish for LEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOYYYY!

Drop only one totem, any more and you're just being elitist.

Pull all the trash! Seriously, all of it, including that pack that's way across the room. I might drop my totem in there.

Melee attacks are crucial for elemental DPS.

When you drop your raid cooldown, it's important that you yourself do not stand in it. This might make you seem selfish. So stand away from your bubble, even if it means you get hit by the giant boss AoE and can't help in the second half of the fight.

Wind Shear is a brutal DPS loss. No matter how many mobs are casting, never wind shear, it's time that could be better spent meleeing.

See that hunter that just disengaged out of the tank's AoE? Full single target burn. The tank must want it dead, because he let it get out of the group.

Drop the melee DPS enhancing totem on the healer, otherwise how will they heal the melee?

AoE pull? Lava Burst! Single target pull? Chain Lightning!

The group only gets one bloodlust per instance.


  1. Hahahahaha!! That's great!

    Needs moar wtf no instant ghost wolf.

  2. The first time I ran Hour of Twilight, Thrall's timing was simply amazing.

    When Asira Dawnslayer did her smoke bomb Thrall followed it up by dropping his totem. He managed to perfectly overlap the two every time so that no one would unjustly get the benefit from his totem. It was a sight to behold.

  3. Thrall, while pretty sweet in my eyes (Horde!), does tend to not know how to react in a group environment. He's too used to dealing with things by himself. We tried to teach him to work with others back in Durnhold Keep but that was a lost cause. (At least he used a mount there!)