Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Sordid History of Legacy: Intro to Raiding

3.1 dropped, and Legacy was ranked in the lower 40s by most ranking sites. We were capable of a fairly quick Naxx 25 clear, and could down Maly 25 and OS252D every week. Most of us were new to raiding, if not WoW in general, and we were eager to prove ourselves in the first major content patch of Wrath, The Secrets of Ulduar.

We were raiding on a Friday-Saturday schedule, so on patch day, we cobbled together two ten mans and charged into ulduar. We made very little progress, downing the Flame Leviathan with ease, and getting one, oh so painful pull on pre nerf ignis trash. We also discovered the greatest glitch ever. After much pain, we managed to claw our way through XT in the ten man, and on Friday awaited our triumphant introduction to the 25 man version.

On Friday, Legacy was introduced to what happens when you leave Naxx behind. We managed to three shot Flame Leviathan, and I got my crash course in loot drama. A fragment dropped, and we were not prepared. I had brought up the issue before to the GM, but we figured that it would be something that dropped off the later bosses, not the very first kill in there. We decided to give it to the GM, who was our primary healer at the time. This really pissed off one of our holy priests, who declared that her last goal in WoW was to get a legendary weapon, and we had taken that from her. Ragequit, gquit, and we never saw her again.

Oh well, in true Legacy form, we pugged another healer, and were faced with the choice of which boss we were going to tackle next. Still smarting from our run in with Ignis trash in ten man, we opted to try Razorscale. We managed to get into phase two after a couple tries, and found out what real bosses hit like. I got rocked, and our other, lesser geared tanks were getting straight up one shot. After pulling back, we decided to farm Naxx and Uld 10 for a few more weeks before making any more serious attempts at Uld 25. We kept Loot Leviathan on farm as basically another KT/Maly 226 farm boss.

The next week, the GM introduced me to two more players who would eventually play a key role in the development of Legacy. The first was a brash Warlock who somehow fell to us. Still not sure quite how that happened, he was pulling 5k DPS in mostly 219 gear, and eventually became an officer in the guild.

The second was a warrior tank. The GM, being one of those healing types, didn't have too good a grasp of tanks, so he asked me to take a look at this tank that he was trying to bring into the guild. I knew nothing about warrior tanks, but he was defense capped, had 30k health, and wasn't doing anything stupid like gemming for spirit.

According to the warrior, our first conversation went something like this...
Him: "Hi, I'm thinking about joining your guild!"
Me: "Sup?"
Him: "So, are you better than me?"
Me: "Well, I've never raided with you before, but... yes, yes I am."

I don't remember being that harsh, but I did kind of keep him at a arms length at times. Truth be told, I was still fairly new to raiding, and the only thing that I really knew was that I wanted to tank. I was far and away the best tank in the guild, but for some reason, the GM had started pushing me to build an offspec set, which I had been notorious for refusing to take any OS gear during T7. This combined with him suddenly bringing in a new, decently geared tank that he had previous experience raiding with left me feeling somewhat threatened. Fortunately, the warrior, who had been playing longer than I had, took things in stride, and found Legacy a comfortable enough place to bring his friends to. We found ourselves with a new rogue, resto druid, and DPS DK, who would all become core raiders for us. We've talked about them before on this blog.

We began to make some progress in Uld 10 a couple of weeks into the patch cycle, and the GM approached me with an idea. He thought it would help our 25 man progression if, instead of throwing together random half pugs for 10 mans, we put together a group, comprised of the best the guild had to offer, to push as far into Ulduar 10 as we could, picking up as much gear and experience as we could along the way. This was the beginning of Legacy's accent out of the pit of pug-dom.

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